Practical info and social events


Here is an online map.

The symposium will take place at the historical Megalo Arsenali (Mediterranean Architecture Center – KAM) in the beautiful old Venetian port of Chania.

COVID-19: The conference room is very spacious. However, since the cases are again on the rise, we recommend wearing a mask when possible.


The participants are asked to arrange their accommodation and travel.

We note that in the summer months, there are direct flights to Crete (Chania airport [CHQ] or Heraklion airport [HER]) from various European capitals.

For travel between Chania and Heraklion (or other locations in Crete), if needed, please consult the site of the public bus company, KTEL.


Monday 20/06 @ 20:00: Symposium

Welcome reception at the café of the Chania sailing club. Food and wine over excellent sunset views and piano music.

Wednesday 22/06 @ 16:00: Aptera visit and Synestiasis

Guided visit to the archaeological site of Aptera, with history dating back to the 9th century BCE. (Historical information in English, French and Greek.) Hat and sunscreen strongly advised, comfortable shoes recommended.

The visit will be followed by dinner at the village Ntouliana (see the menu), with traditional music from Crete and the rest of Greece.

Schedule (the intermediate hours are somewhat approximate)

  • 16:00: Bus departs from Chania for Aptera (pick up point: corner of Ploumidaki & Tzanakaki streets, next to the Chania municipal garden and the old clock; ~20 min bus ride)
  • 16:30: Guided visit of Aptera (comfortable shoes recommended)
  • 18:30: Bus departs from Aptera for Ntouliana village. (~40 min bus ride; the bus cannot reach the tavern, and will drop us off around this point. It is then a ~10 min walk to the tavern.)
  • 19:15: Dinner at the tavern Ta Ntouliana (see the menu).
  • 22:30: Bus departs from Ntouliana for Chania (pick up point at Ntouliana will be where the bus will have dropped us off; ~60 min bus ride)

Participants may use their own transportation if they wish.

Friday 24/06 @ 20:00: Synaxis

A last get-together in the enchanting neighbourhood Tabakaria in Chania, at the café-bar Nafsithea [*]. We’ll enjoy drinks and light food over music of Greek and other flavours. And of course the sunset over the sea.

[*] The café is on the other side of the street than that marked on google maps. This is the street entrance, then go down two floors. Or take directly the staircase to heaven: exact coordinates.

Tip: before Nafsithea, you could visit the new archaeological museum of Chania which is located nearby. (Note that this is left to the individuals and not organised by the conference.)